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UserPersistentSettingsCleanupForPortletInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for UserPersistentSettingsCleanupForPortletInterface:
LatestActivitiesForPortletView AccountLatestActivitiesForPortletView AllLatestActivitiesForPortletView ContactLatestActivitiesForPortletView OpportunityLatestActivitiesForPortletView UserLatestActivitiesForPortletView

Static Public Member Functions

static processBeforeDelete ($portletId)

Detailed Description

A class should implement this interface if it has some user persistent settings for portlets that need to be cleaned before deleting actual instance.

Definition at line 43 of file UserPersistentSettingsCleanupForPortletInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

static processBeforeDelete (   $portletId)

Applicable deletion code to remove any/all persistent settings that are no longer valid.

$portletIdId of the portlet being deleted.

Implemented in LatestActivitiesForPortletView.

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