ZurmoMappingHelper Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 resolveMappingLinkUrl ($queryParams)

Static Public Member Functions

static renderMapContentForView ($geoCodeQueryData, $containerId)
static getGeoCodesByAddressString ($addressString)
static getGeoCodeApiKey ()

Detailed Description

Mapping helper class used to fetch map data and map redering using mapping util and geocode util.

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Member Function Documentation

resolveMappingLinkUrl ( queryParams  ) 

Creates the url link for map link.

array $queryParams - Query params to be utilized by action in map controller
string modal map render url.

Reimplemented from MappingHelper.

Definition at line 48 of file ZurmoMappingHelper.php.

static renderMapContentForView ( geoCodeQueryData,
) [static]

Gets the rendered map content for the map view.

array $geoCodeQueryData - geocoder query data.
string $containerId - containerid for map rendering.
rendered map content.

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static getGeoCodesByAddressString ( addressString  )  [static]

Gets the geocode coordinate data for address.

string $addressString - geocoder query data.
- lat / long array.

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static getGeoCodeApiKey (  )  [static]

Gets the geocode api key from the cofig table.

string $apiKey or null - geocode Api Key.

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