ZurmoGroupController Class Reference

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ZurmoModuleController ZurmoBaseController Controller

Public Member Functions

 resolveModuleClassNameForFilters ()
 resolveAndGetModuleId ()
 actionIndex ()
 actionList ()
 actionDetails ($id)
 actionCreate ()
 actionEdit ($id)
 actionModalList ()
 actionDelete ($id)
 actionEditUserMembership ($id)
 actionEditModulePermissions ($id)
 actionEditRights ($id)
 actionEditPolicies ($id)
 actionUsersInGroupModalList ($id)
 actionAutoComplete ($term, $autoCompleteOptions=null)

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveBreadCrumbActionByGroup (Group $group)

Protected Member Functions

 attemptToSaveModelFromPost ($model, $redirectUrlParams=null, $redirect=true, $returnOnValidate=false)
 makeTitleBarAndEditAndDetailsView ($model, $renderType, $titleBarAndEditViewClassName= 'TitleBarAndEditAndDetailsView')
 resolveCanGroupBeEdited ($group)
 clearCaches ()
 resolveActionToGoToAfterSave (Group $group)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getGroupsOrderedByNonDeletablesFirst ($includeEveryoneAndSuperAdministratorGroups=true)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file GroupController.php.

Member Function Documentation

resolveAndGetModuleId (  ) 

Override if the module is a nested module such as groups or roles.

Reimplemented from Controller.

Definition at line 56 of file GroupController.php.

attemptToSaveModelFromPost ( model,
redirectUrlParams = null,
redirect = true,
returnOnValidate = false 
) [protected]

Override to support special scenario of checking for a reserved name. Cannot use normal validate routine since the _set is blocking the entry of a reserved name and _set is used by setAttributes which comes before validate is called.

Reimplemented from ZurmoBaseController.

Definition at line 319 of file GroupController.php.

makeTitleBarAndEditAndDetailsView ( model,
titleBarAndEditViewClassName = 'TitleBarAndEditAndDetailsView' 
) [protected]

Override to make sure the correct module label is used in the titlebar.

See also:

Reimplemented from Controller.

Definition at line 349 of file GroupController.php.

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