ZurmoGettextPoFile Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($fileSource=null)
 read ($skipEmptyContext=true)
 getMessages ()

Protected Member Functions

 openFile ($fileSource=null)
 addMessage ($message, $skipEmptyContext=true)
 parseQuotedString ($string)

Protected Attributes

 $messages = array()

Detailed Description

Represents a PO Gettext message file

Definition at line 40 of file ZurmoGettextPoFile.php.

Member Function Documentation

read ( skipEmptyContext = true  ) 

Reads a PO file to the protected $messages class variable

string $file file path
bool $skipEmptyContext If set to true, then all messages without or with empty context will be skiped
array message translations

Definition at line 81 of file ZurmoGettextPoFile.php.

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