ZurmoExternalDefaultPageView Class Reference

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ZurmoPageView PageView View ContactWebFormsExternalPageView

Public Member Functions

 __construct (View $view)
 render ()

Static Public Member Functions

static registerExternalPageScriptFiles ()

Protected Member Functions

 renderXHtmlHead ()

Detailed Description

Base class for module page views. Constructs the ZurmoExternalDefaultView.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( View containedView  ) 

Constructs the page view specifying the view that it will contain.

Reimplemented from PageView.

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Member Function Documentation

render (  ) 

Renders a div element with a id or class attribute set to the type of the view, (depending on the value returned by isUniqueToAPage()), and containing the content of any matching template found in the themes/<themename>/ directory if it exists, marked by begin/end comments, and the content of the view rendered by renderContent(). All are correctly indented by indent().

If the template does not exist in the active theme folder, it will attempt to locate the file in the themes/default/templates folder and include it if it exists.

Reimplemented from PageView.

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renderXHtmlHead (  )  [protected]

Renders the XHtml header element containing the title and the default stylesheets screen, print, and ie. Additional stylesheets can be specified by overriding getStyles() in the extending class.

Reimplemented from PageView.

Definition at line 59 of file ZurmoExternalDefaultPageView.php.

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