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ZurmoCurrencyHelper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ZurmoCurrencyHelper:

Public Member Functions

 setBaseCode ($value)
 getBaseCode ()
 setServiceType ($value)
 getServiceType ()
 getActiveCurrencyForCurrentUser ()
 getCodeForCurrentUserForDisplay ()
 getConversionRateToBase ($fromCode)
 getWebServiceErrorMessage ()
 getWebServiceErrorCode ()
 checkAndUpdateCurrencyRates ($forceCheck=false)
 getActiveCurrenciesOrSelectedCurrenciesData ($selectedCurrencyId)
 getLastAttemptedRateUpdateDateTime ()
 resetErrors ()

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 setCurrencyService ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Application loaded component at run time.

See Also
BeginBehavior - calls load() method.

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Member Function Documentation

setBaseCode (   $value)

This is set from the value in the application common config file.

Definition at line 68 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

setServiceType (   $value)

This is set from the value in the application common config file.

Definition at line 82 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

getActiveCurrencyForCurrentUser ( )

Resolve the active currency for the current user. If the user does not have a currency, it will fall back to the base system currency. If the base system currency does not exist, it will attempt to make it.


Definition at line 106 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

getConversionRateToBase (   $fromCode)

Get the conversion rate from the supplied currency code to the base currency.


Definition at line 147 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

checkAndUpdateCurrencyRates (   $forceCheck = false)

Check if the currency rate has been updated within the last 24 hours. If not, then perform a currency update and update the lastAttemptedRateUpdateTimeStamp.

boolean$forceCheck- If true, it will ignore the last time the check was made

Definition at line 176 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

getActiveCurrenciesOrSelectedCurrenciesData (   $selectedCurrencyId)

Given a selectedCurrencyId, return an array of available currencies for selection in the user interface. If the selected currency is inactive, include this in the returned data.


Definition at line 204 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

getLastAttemptedRateUpdateDateTime ( )
Date/Time of the last attempted rate update.

Definition at line 226 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

Field Documentation


Base currency all currency values have rates against. ISO-4217 code.

Definition at line 50 of file ZurmoCurrencyHelper.php.

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