ZurmoCurrencyHelper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 setBaseCode ($value)
 getBaseCode ()
 setServiceType ($value)
 getServiceType ()
 getActiveCurrencyForCurrentUser ()
 getCodeForCurrentUserForDisplay ()
 getConversionRateToBase ($fromCode)
 getWebServiceErrorMessage ()
 getWebServiceErrorCode ()
 checkAndUpdateCurrencyRates ($forceCheck=false)
 getActiveCurrenciesOrSelectedCurrenciesData ($selectedCurrencyId)
 getLastAttemptedRateUpdateDateTime ()
 resetErrors ()

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 setCurrencyService ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Application loaded component at run time.

See also:
BeginBehavior - calls load() method.

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Member Function Documentation

setBaseCode ( value  ) 

This is set from the value in the application common config file.

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setServiceType ( value  ) 

This is set from the value in the application common config file.

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getActiveCurrencyForCurrentUser (  ) 

Resolve the active currency for the current user. If the user does not have a currency, it will fall back to the base system currency. If the base system currency does not exist, it will attempt to make it.


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getConversionRateToBase ( fromCode  ) 

Get the conversion rate from the supplied currency code to the base currency.

int $fromCode;

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checkAndUpdateCurrencyRates ( forceCheck = false  ) 

Check if the currency rate has been updated within the last 24 hours. If not, then perform a currency update and update the lastAttemptedRateUpdateTimeStamp.

boolean $forceCheck - If true, it will ignore the last time the check was made

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getActiveCurrenciesOrSelectedCurrenciesData ( selectedCurrencyId  ) 

Given a selectedCurrencyId, return an array of available currencies for selection in the user interface. If the selected currency is inactive, include this in the returned data.

mixed $selectedCurrencyId

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getLastAttemptedRateUpdateDateTime (  ) 
Date/Time of the last attempted rate update.

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Field Documentation

$_baseCode [protected]

Base currency all currency values have rates against. ISO-4217 code.

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