ZurmoCache Class Reference

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GeneralCache PermissionsCache RedBeanModelsCache BeanModelCache PoliciesCache RightsCache

Static Public Member Functions

static getCachePrefix ($identifier)
static setAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ($prefix= '')
static getAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ()
static supportsAndAllowsMemcache ()
static supportsAndAllowsPhpCaching ()
static supportsAndAllowsDatabaseCaching ()

Data Fields

const ALLOW_PHP_CACHING = true
const ALLOW_DB_CACHING = true

Static Protected Member Functions

static getCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static setCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType, $value)
static incrementCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static isIdentifierCacheIncrementValueName ($identifier)

Static Protected Attributes

static $cacheIncrementValueVariableName = 'CacheIncrementValue'
static $additionalStringForCachePrefix = ''

Detailed Description

This is a base caching class, that contains code related to caching. Memcache doesn't have option to remove data related just to one application or host, and that is why we had to implement methods that would simulate this feature. Please check this link for more details about this idea: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1202174/memcache-invalidate-entries-according-to-a-pattern

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Member Function Documentation

static getCachePrefix ( identifier  )  [static]

Get cache prefix, based on ZURMO_TOKEN, $cacheIncrementValue and cache type. In case that we want to get just cache increment value, prefix will not contain increment value.

string $identifier

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static getCacheIncrementValue ( cacheType  )  [static, protected]

Get curent increment value, based on $cacheType. Cache types can be: "G:" - for GlobalCache "M:" - for RedBeanModelsCache "P:" - for PermissionCache We need to distinct those cache types, because we should be able to forget only GlobalCache(increment cache increment value), while other two cache types will contain valid data.

string $cacheType

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static setCacheIncrementValue ( cacheType,
) [static, protected]
string $cacheType
mixed $value

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static incrementCacheIncrementValue ( cacheType  )  [static, protected]

Increment CacheIncrementValue

string $cacheType

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static isIdentifierCacheIncrementValueName ( identifier  )  [static, protected]

Check if identifier is same as static::$cacheIncrementValueVariableName.


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static setAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ( prefix = ''  )  [static]

Set additional prefix This is used to distinct memcache value for tests and for website, because test application and website application use same ZURMO_TOKEN. This prefix is empty for web application, and for tests it is set to "Test"

string $prefix

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static getAdditionalStringForCachePrefix (  )  [static]

Get additional prefix


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static supportsAndAllowsMemcache (  )  [static]

Check if Memcache caching is allowed and supported

Definition at line 167 of file ZurmoCache.php.

static supportsAndAllowsPhpCaching (  )  [static]

Check if PHP caching is allowed and supported

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static supportsAndAllowsDatabaseCaching (  )  [static]

Check if DB caching is allowed and supported

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