ZurmoAssetManager Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getCssAndJavascriptHashQueryString ($filePath)

Protected Member Functions

 hash ($path)

Detailed Description

Improve CAssetManager:hash() function to use Zurmo version number, when creating hash values.

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Member Function Documentation

static getCssAndJavascriptHashQueryString ( filePath  )  [static]

Append to end of .css or .js that is non minified or part of assets. This will ensure on version change that a fresh version of the file is loaded

Definition at line 46 of file ZurmoAssetManager.php.

hash ( path  )  [protected]

Generate a CRC32 hash for the directory path. Collisions are higher than MD5 but generates a much smaller hash string. Function uses module path, Yii version and Zurmo version to generate hash value for asset folder.

string $path string to be hashed.
string hashed string.

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