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ZurmoActiveForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ZurmoActiveForm:
NoRequiredsActiveForm WizardActiveForm

Public Member Functions

 renderAddAttributeErrorSettingsScript ($formId)
 error ($model, $attribute, $htmlOptions=array(), $enableAjaxValidation=true, $enableClientValidation=true, $id=null)
 errorSummary ($models, $header=null, $footer=null, $htmlOptions=array())
 run ()
 getAttributes ()
 radioButtonList ($model, $attribute, $data, $htmlOptions=array(), $dataSelectOptions=array(), $dataHtmlOptions=array())
 checkBox ($model, $attribute, $htmlOptions=array())
 checkBoxList ($model, $attribute, $data, $htmlOptions=array())
 dropDownList ($model, $attribute, $data, $htmlOptions=array())

Static Public Member Functions

static makeErrorsSummaryId ($id)
static makeErrorsDataAndResolveForOwnedModelAttributes ($model)
static makeErrorsDataAndResolveForOwnedModelAttributesAndHasOneRelations ($model)

Data Fields

 $bindAsLive = false

Protected Member Functions

 resolveId ($model, $attribute)
 resolveModelClassNameForError ($model)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

Member Function Documentation

static makeErrorsDataAndResolveForOwnedModelAttributes (   $model)

Makes errorsData by getting errors from model. Also resolves for owned related models such as Email. Prior to having this method, things such as currencyValue, emailAddress, and street1 for example were not properly showing validation errors on failure. This method properly handles Address, Email, and CurrencyValue which are three special related models where there are multiple attributes that are all shown as if they are the attributes on the base model. Custom fields don't follow this because they only have 'value' to show so are ok without special manipulation.

array of errorData

Definition at line 69 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

renderAddAttributeErrorSettingsScript (   $formId)

Use this method to register dynamically created attributes during an ajax call. An example is if you add a filter or trigger, the inputs need to be added to the yiiactiveform so that validation handling can work properly. This method replaces the id and model elements with the correctly needed values. Only adds inputs that have not been added already

Definition at line 124 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

error (   $model,
  $htmlOptions = array(),
  $enableAjaxValidation = true,
  $enableClientValidation = true,
  $id = null 

Override for special handling of dynamically added attributes. Allows for overriding the model class name and id. (non-PHPdoc)

See Also

Definition at line 159 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

errorSummary (   $models,
  $header = null,
  $footer = null,
  $htmlOptions = array() 

Override to handle relation model error summary information. This information needs to be parsed properly otherwise it will show up as 'Array' for the error text.

See Also

Definition at line 266 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

run ( )

Override to allow for optional live binding of yiiactiveform.

See Also

Definition at line 305 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

radioButtonList (   $model,
  $htmlOptions = array(),
  $dataSelectOptions = array(),
  $dataHtmlOptions = array() 


See Also

Definition at line 389 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

checkBox (   $model,
  $htmlOptions = array() 

Override to support adding label class = 'hasCheckBox' (non-PHPdoc)

See Also

Definition at line 401 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

checkBoxList (   $model,
  $htmlOptions = array() 


See Also

Definition at line 410 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

dropDownList (   $model,
  $htmlOptions = array() 


See Also

Definition at line 419 of file ZurmoActiveForm.php.

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