XML2Array Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static init ($version= '1.0', $encoding= 'UTF-8', $format_output=true)
static & createArray ($input_xml, $ignoreRootNodeName= 'zurmoMessage')

Detailed Description

XML2Array: A class to convert XML to array in PHP It returns the array which can be converted back to XML using the Array2XML script It takes an XML string or a DOMDocument object as an input.

See Array2XML: http://www.lalit.org/lab/convert-php-array-to-xml-with-attributes

Author : Lalit Patel Website: http://www.lalit.org/lab/convert-xml-to-array-in-php-xml2array License: Apache License 2.0 http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

Usage: $array = XML2Array::createArray($xml);

Definition at line 51 of file XML2Array.php.

Member Function Documentation

static init ( version = '1.0',
encoding = 'UTF-8',
format_output = true 
) [static]

Initialize the root XML node [optional]


Definition at line 62 of file XML2Array.php.

static& createArray ( input_xml,
ignoreRootNodeName = 'zurmoMessage' 
) [static]

Convert an XML to Array

string $node_name - name of the root node to be converted
array $arr - aray to be converterd

Definition at line 75 of file XML2Array.php.

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