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ZurmoBaseController Controller

Public Member Functions

 filters ()
 actionIndex ()
 actionList ()
 actionMassDelete ()
 actionMassDeleteProgress ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getListBreadcrumbLinks ()

Data Fields

const ZERO_MODELS_CHECK_FILTER_PATH = 'application.modules.workflows.controllers.filters.WorkflowZeroModelsCheckControllerFilter'

Detailed Description

Default controller for WorkflowMessageInQueue actions

Definition at line 40 of file DefaultMessageQueueController.php.

Member Function Documentation

actionMassDelete (  ) 

Action for displaying a mass delete form and also action when that form is first submitted. When the form is submitted, in the event that the quantity of models to delete is greater than the pageSize, then once the pageSize quantity has been reached, the user will be redirected to the makeMassDeleteProgressView. In the mass delete progress view, a javascript refresh will take place that will call a refresh action, usually makeMassDeleteProgressView. If there is no need for a progress view, then a flash message will be added and the user will be redirected to the list view for the model. A flash message will appear providing information on the delete records.

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Definition at line 113 of file DefaultMessageQueueController.php.

actionMassDeleteProgress (  ) 

Action called in the event that the mass delete quantity is larger than the pageSize. This action is called after the pageSize quantity has been deleted and continues to be called until the mass delete action is complete. For example, if there are 20 records to delete and the pageSize is 5, then this action will be called 3 times. The first 5 are updated when the actionMassDelete is called upon the initial form submission.

Definition at line 157 of file DefaultMessageQueueController.php.

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