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Public Member Functions

 setUp ()
 testUpdateDescriptionWhenAccountIsCreatedAndOwnerIsJim ()
 testCreateARelatedContactOnAnOpportunityWhenOpportunityBecomesClosedWon ()
 testAWorkflowProcess ()
 testUpdateRelatedCatalogItemOnAProductBySellPriceCriteria ()
 testProcessBeforeSaveOnCreatedByUserEquals ()
 testProcessBeforeSaveOnModifiedByUserEquals ()
 testSubscribeToListAction ()
 testProcessWorkflowForTaskWhenProjectAsARequiredCustomPicklist ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()

Static Protected Attributes

static $jimmy

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

testUpdateDescriptionWhenAccountIsCreatedAndOwnerIsJim (  ) 

A simple workflow that is only triggered on a new account being created. If the owner is jimmy it means that the description will be updated with some text.

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testProcessBeforeSaveOnCreatedByUserEquals (  ) 

Tests that a bug involving createdByUser is resolved. The issue was that createdByUser is not set until after the workflow observer is called beforeSave. This behavior was changed and now this test passes

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testProcessBeforeSaveOnModifiedByUserEquals (  ) 

A test to show that the modifiedByUser works ok as a trigger with 'equals' on a newly created model.

See also:

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testSubscribeToListAction (  ) 

Tests subscribing a contact to a marketing list

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testProcessWorkflowForTaskWhenProjectAsARequiredCustomPicklist (  ) 

Tests that a bug involving creating a required custom picklist on projects causes the workflow to break when creating a task

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