WebApplication Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 run ()
 getLocale ($localeID=null)
 createController ($route, $owner=null)
 findModule ($moduleID)
 isApplicationInstalled ()
 setApplicationInstalled ($installed)
 isApplicationInMaintenanceMode ()
 isApplicationInSandboxMode ()
 getEdition ()
 createUrl ($route, $params=array(), $ampersand= '&')
 setResolveAlwaysAsAbsoluteUrl ()
 setAllClassesAreImported ()
 areAllClassesImported ()

Static Public Member Functions

static findModuleInApplication ($moduleID)

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 resolveWhatToPassAsParameterForOwner ($owner)
 isOwnerTheController ($owner)

Protected Attributes

 $sandboxMode = false
 $resolveAlwaysAsAbsoluteUrl = false
 $allClassesImported = false

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

run (  ) 

Override to handle when debug is turned on and the checksum fails on cached models.

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getLocale ( localeID = null  ) 

Returns the locale instance. This overrides the default CApplication->getLocale() function.

string $localeID the locale ID (e.g. en_US). If null, the application language ID will be used.
CLocale the locale instance

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createController ( route,
owner = null 

Override so that the application looks at the controller class name differently. Instead of having controllers with the same class name across the application, each class name must be different. Each controller class name is expected to include the module class name as the prefix to the controller class name. Creates a controller instance based on a route.

Definition at line 131 of file WebApplication.php.

findModule ( moduleID  ) 

Override to provide proper search of nested modules.

Definition at line 251 of file WebApplication.php.

static findModuleInApplication ( moduleID  )  [static]

Extra method so the findModule can be called statically from outside this class.

string $moduleID

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createUrl ( route,
params = array(),
ampersand = '&' 

Override createUrl, so it returns absolute Url, for external request

array $params
string $ampersand

Definition at line 322 of file WebApplication.php.

setResolveAlwaysAsAbsoluteUrl (  ) 

Set flag to send absolute URLs always, used in External Controllers

Definition at line 345 of file WebApplication.php.

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