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Public Member Functions

 isUniqueToAPage ()
 render ()
 setCssClasses (array $classes)
 getCssClasses ()
 getTitle ()
 getPostTruncatedTitleContent ()

Protected Member Functions

 resolveDefaultClasses ()
 renderContainerWrapperId ()
 getContainerWrapperTag ()
 getId ()
 renderContent ()
 getViewStyle ()
 renderTitleContent ()
 resolveCustomViewTemplateFileName ($theme, $view)

Protected Attributes

 $cssClasses = array()
 $makeDefaultClassesFromClassHeirarchy = true

Detailed Description

Base class for all views. A view is something that knows how to render itself for display within an XHtml page. Views are arranged in a hierarchy of views within views and when the top level view is asked to render itself it renders the entire hierarchy.

Definition at line 43 of file View.php.

Member Function Documentation

isUniqueToAPage ( )

Tells View that it can render the extending class' divs with and id matching their name. Must be overridden to return false in extending classes that can be rendered multiple times within a page to avoid generating a page with non-unique ids which will fail XHtml validation. For those it will render a class attribute with their name.

Definition at line 66 of file View.php.

render ( )

Renders a div element with a id or class attribute set to the type of the view, (depending on the value returned by isUniqueToAPage()), and containing the content of any matching template found in the themes/<themename>/ directory if it exists, marked by begin/end comments, and the content of the view rendered by renderContent(). All are correctly indented by indent().

If the template does not exist in the active theme folder, it will attempt to locate the file in the themes/default/templates folder and include it if it exists.

Definition at line 83 of file View.php.

getId ( )
id of view if UniqueToAPage is false. Override if you want to pass an id in.

Definition at line 155 of file View.php.

renderContent ( )

Renders the view content.

resolveCustomViewTemplateFileName (   $theme,

Load CustomXView.xhtml if exists in current theme, else use current theme's XView.xhtml else use default theme's XView.xhtml


Definition at line 203 of file View.php.

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