UserNotificationConfigurationEditView Class Reference

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EditAndDetailsView DetailsView ModelView ConfigurableMetadataView MetadataView View

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($renderType, $controllerId, $moduleId, $model, $title)
 getTitle ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getMetadata (User $user=null)
static getDesignerRulesType ()

Protected Member Functions

 getFormLayoutMetadata ()
 getNewModelTitleLabel ()
 resolveNotificationConfigurationViewContentByUserType ($user)

Static Protected Attributes

static $notificationConfigurationPanels = array()

Detailed Description

Edit and details view for the admin configuration view for Sip.

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Member Function Documentation

getTitle (  ) 


Reimplemented from EditAndDetailsView.

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static getMetadata ( User user = null  )  [static]

Returns metadata for use in automatically generating the view. Will attempt to retrieve from cache if available, otherwill retrieve from database and cache.

See also:
$user The current user.
An array of metadata.

Reimplemented from ConfigurableMetadataView.

Definition at line 57 of file UserNotificationConfigurationEditView.php.

getFormLayoutMetadata (  )  [protected]

Gets the metadata for this view. Override if you need to make the metadata dynamically or change the way the metadata is retreived

array view metadata

Reimplemented from DetailsView.

Definition at line 76 of file UserNotificationConfigurationEditView.php.

static getDesignerRulesType (  )  [static]

Override in each sub-class if you have applicable designer rules for handling the modification of metadata layouts

null or a DesignerRules Class;

Reimplemented from EditAndDetailsView.

Definition at line 122 of file UserNotificationConfigurationEditView.php.

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