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Protected Member Functions
UpdateContactLatestActivityDateTimeElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for UpdateContactLatestActivityDateTimeElement:

Protected Member Functions

 renderControlEditable ()
 renderLabel ()
 renderError ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 renderEditableByAttribute ($attribute)
 renderEditableCheckBoxByAttribute ($attribute)
 renderErrorByAttribute ($attribute)
 getIdForInputField ($attribute, $suffix)
 getNameForInputField ($attribute, $suffix)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Element
 renderLabel ()
 resolveIdForLabel ()
 getFormattedAttributeLabel ()
 resolveNonActiveFormFormattedLabel ($label)
 renderError ()
 renderScopedErrorId ($inputNameIdPrefix, $attribute)
 renderEditable ()
 renderNonEditable ()
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 getColumnSpan ()
 getDisabledValue ()
 getHtmlOptions ()
 resolveContentTemplate ($template, $data)
 getEditableInputId ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 getEditableInputName ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 resolveInputPrefix ()
 resolveInputIdPrefix ()
 resolveInputNamePrefix ()
 getListViewGridId ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())
 render ()
 getEditableNameIds ()
 getAttribute ()
 renderAsControlNonEditable ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Element
static getDisplayName ()
static isReadOnly ()
static resolveInputNameForEditableInput ($attributeName)
static resolveInputNamePrefixIntoString ($inputNamePrefix)
static resolveInputIdPrefixIntoString ($inputIdPrefix)
- Data Fields inherited from Element
 $editableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}{error}</td>'
 $nonEditableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}</td>'
- Protected Attributes inherited from Element

Detailed Description

Class to help manage how the latest activity date time is updated for contacts.

Definition at line 40 of file UpdateContactLatestActivityDateTimeElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderControlEditable ( )

Render a checkbox (with a default value if not checked)

The element's content as a string.

Definition at line 46 of file UpdateContactLatestActivityDateTimeElement.php.

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