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CheckBoxTriggerRules ContactStateTriggerRules DateTriggerRules DropDownTriggerRules MultiSelectDropDownTriggerRules NumberTriggerRules TextTriggerRules UserTriggerRules

Public Member Functions

 evaluateBeforeSave (RedBeanModel $model, $attribute)
 __construct (TriggerForWorkflowForm $trigger)
 evaluateTimeTriggerBeforeSave (RedBeanModel $model, $attribute, $changeRequiredToProcess=true)

Protected Member Functions

 sanitize ($value)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Class to help the workflow engine understand how to evaluate various triggers

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( TriggerForWorkflowForm trigger  ) 
TriggerForWorkflowForm $trigger

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Member Function Documentation

evaluateTimeTriggerBeforeSave ( RedBeanModel model,
changeRequiredToProcess = true 

For a time trigger, the value must first 'change'. If the operator is TYPE_DOES_NOT_CHANGE, then we can assume true since any 'change' pushes out the time expiration. If the value does 'change', then the operator can be evaluated normally.

RedBeanModel $model
$changeRequiredToProcess - if a change in value is required to confirm the time trigger is true

Reimplemented in ConstantBasedStaticDropDownTriggerRules, CurrencyValueTriggerRules, DateTimeTriggerRules, DateTriggerRules, DropDownTriggerRules, and MultiSelectDropDownTriggerRules.

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sanitize ( value  )  [protected]

Override as needed to add specific sanitization routines. Text for example, has to use strtolower


Reimplemented in CheckBoxTriggerRules, CurrencyValueTriggerRules, DecimalTriggerRules, IntegerTriggerRules, and TextTriggerRules.

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