TaskModalCloneFromModalDetailsLinkActionElement Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for TaskModalCloneFromModalDetailsLinkActionElement:
DropdownSupportedAjaxLinkActionElement DropdownSupportedLinkActionElement LinkActionElement SupportsRenderingDropDownInterface ActionElement

Public Member Functions

 getElementValue ()
 getActionType ()
 render ()
 renderMenuItem ()

Protected Member Functions

 getDefaultLabel ()
 getAjaxLinkOptions ()
 getDefaultRoute ()
 resolveRouteParameters ()
 getRouteAction ()

Detailed Description

Clone link on task modal details view

Definition at line 39 of file TaskModalCloneFromModalDetailsLinkActionElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderMenuItem (  ) 

Override in child class to add support for rendering the element as a menu item.

Reimplemented from DropdownSupportedLinkActionElement.

Definition at line 64 of file TaskModalCloneFromModalDetailsLinkActionElement.php.

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