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TaskActionSecurityUtil Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static resolveViewLinkToModelForCurrentUser ($model, $moduleClassName, $linkContent)
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static canCurrentUserPerformAction ($actionType, $model)
static canUserPerformAction ($actionType, $model, $user)
static resolveLinkToModelForCurrentUser ($attributeString, $model, $moduleClassName, $linkRoute, $offset=null, $additionalParams=array())
static resolveLinkToEditModelForCurrentUser ($attributeString, $model, $moduleClassName, $linkRoute, $redirectUrl=null)

Detailed Description

Helper class for working with action security classes

Definition at line 40 of file TaskActionSecurityUtil.php.

Member Function Documentation

static resolveViewLinkToModelForCurrentUser (   $model,

Resolve a link to a related model. Used by

See Also
ListView for each row of a list for example. If the current user can Permission::READ the related model, then check if the current user has RIGHT_ACCESS_ to the model's related module. If current user has access then return link, otherwise return text. If current user cannot Permission::READ then return null.

Definition at line 54 of file TaskActionSecurityUtil.php.

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