SwitchUserIdentity Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 authenticate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getPrimaryUser ()

Data Fields

const PRIMARY_USER = 'primaryUser'
const LAST_USER = 'lastUser'
const PACKED_SESSION_KEY = 'primaryUserPackedSession'
const PACKED_COOKIES_KEY = 'primaryUserPackedCookies'

Protected Member Functions

 noRightToSwitchUser ()
 redirectForInvalidSwitchRequest ()
 clearSessionAndCookiesForNormalUserSwitch ()
 clearCookiesForNormalUserSwitch ()
 clearSessionForNormalUserSwitch ()
 packSessionAndCookies ()
 unpackSessionAndCookies ()
 packSession ()
 unpackSession ()
 packCookies ()
 unpackCookies ()
 packIntoSession ($key, array $value)
 resolveValueForPacking (array $value)
 resolveValueForUnpacking ($packedValue)
 unpackFromSession ($key, $unpackToSession=true)
 unpackSessionByValue (array $unpackedValue)
 unpackCookiesByValue (array $unpackedValue)
 isSessionKeyNotForForSwitchingUser ($key)

Static Protected Member Functions

static hasPrimaryUser ()
static setPrimaryUser ($username)
static doesSessionValueExist ($name)
static getEncryptedSessionValue ($name)
static setEncryptedSessionValue ($name, $value)
static unsetPrimaryUser ()

Detailed Description

UserIdentity represents the data needed to identity a user.

Definition at line 40 of file SwitchUserIdentity.php.

Member Function Documentation

authenticate (  ) 

Authenticates a user.

boolean whether authentication succeeds.

Reimplemented from UserIdentity.

Definition at line 56 of file SwitchUserIdentity.php.

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