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SwitchUserIdentity Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SwitchUserIdentity:

Public Member Functions

 authenticate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UserIdentity
 authenticate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getPrimaryUser ()

Data Fields

const PRIMARY_USER = 'primaryUser'
const LAST_USER = 'lastUser'
const PACKED_SESSION_KEY = 'primaryUserPackedSession'
const PACKED_COOKIES_KEY = 'primaryUserPackedCookies'
- Data Fields inherited from UserIdentity

Protected Member Functions

 noRightToSwitchUser ()
 redirectForInvalidSwitchRequest ()
 clearSessionAndCookiesForNormalUserSwitch ()
 clearCookiesForNormalUserSwitch ()
 clearSessionForNormalUserSwitch ()
 packSessionAndCookies ()
 unpackSessionAndCookies ()
 packSession ()
 unpackSession ()
 packCookies ()
 unpackCookies ()
 packIntoSession ($key, array $value)
 resolveValueForPacking (array $value)
 resolveValueForUnpacking ($packedValue)
 unpackFromSession ($key, $unpackToSession=true)
 unpackSessionByValue (array $unpackedValue)
 unpackCookiesByValue (array $unpackedValue)
 isSessionKeyNotForForSwitchingUser ($key)

Static Protected Member Functions

static hasPrimaryUser ()
static setPrimaryUser ($username)
static doesSessionValueExist ($name)
static getEncryptedSessionValue ($name)
static setEncryptedSessionValue ($name, $value)
static unsetPrimaryUser ()

Detailed Description

UserIdentity represents the data needed to identity a user.

Definition at line 40 of file SwitchUserIdentity.php.

Member Function Documentation

authenticate ( )

Authenticates a user.

boolean whether authentication succeeds.

Definition at line 56 of file SwitchUserIdentity.php.

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