SubLevelGameLevelRules Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for SubLevelGameLevelRules:
GameLevelRules AccountManagementGameLevelRules CommunicationGameLevelRules NewBusinessGameLevelRules SalesGameLevelRules TimeManagementGameLevelRules

Static Public Member Functions

static hasBonusPointsOnLevelChange ()
static getLevelBonusPointType ()
static getLevelBonusPointValue ($level)

Detailed Description

Base class for sub-level rules

Definition at line 40 of file SubLevelGameLevelRules.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getLevelBonusPointType (  )  [static]

Override in child if you want to have bonus points. This will define what point type the bonus points are applied towards

Reimplemented from GameLevelRules.

Definition at line 47 of file SubLevelGameLevelRules.php.

static getLevelBonusPointValue ( level  )  [static]
int $level

Reimplemented from GameLevelRules.

Definition at line 56 of file SubLevelGameLevelRules.php.

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