StateToggleElement Class Reference

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Element DerivedElementInterface CampaignActivePauseToggleElement ConversationOpenCloseElement

Static Public Member Functions

static getDropDownArray ()
static getDisplayName ()
static renderStatusChangeArea (RedBeanModel $model)
static renderStatusButtonsContent (RedBeanModel $model)
static getStatusChangeDivId (RedBeanModel $model)

Protected Member Functions

 assertAttributeName ()
 assertModelClass ()
 renderEditable ()
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderLabel ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static resolveSelectedRadioButtonListOption (RedBeanModel $model)
static resolveStatusChangeUrl (RedBeanModel $model)
static resolveSuccessMessage ()
static resolvePostNotificationSuccessScript ()
static renderAjaxStatusChange (RedBeanModel $model)
static resolveOnSuccessScript ()
static getRadioButtonListHtmlOptions (RedBeanModel $model)
static getStatusChangeHtmlOptions (RedBeanModel $model)
static renderStatusAreaLabel ()
static getStatusChangeDivClassNames (RedBeanModel $model)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file StateToggleElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderEditable (  )  [protected]

Generate editable version of the element includes the lable, control, and error content

A string containing the element's content.

Reimplemented from Element.

Definition at line 43 of file StateToggleElement.php.

renderLabel (  )  [protected]

Generate the element label content

A string containing the element's label

Reimplemented from Element.

Definition at line 73 of file StateToggleElement.php.

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