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Protected Member Functions
ShouldSetValueCheckBoxElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ShouldSetValueCheckBoxElement:
CheckBoxElement Element

Protected Member Functions

 renderControlEditable ()
 getEditableHtmlOptions ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CheckBoxElement
 renderControlEditable ()
 getEditableHtmlOptions ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Element
 renderLabel ()
 resolveIdForLabel ()
 getFormattedAttributeLabel ()
 resolveNonActiveFormFormattedLabel ($label)
 renderError ()
 renderScopedErrorId ($inputNameIdPrefix, $attribute)
 renderEditable ()
 renderNonEditable ()
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 getColumnSpan ()
 getDisabledValue ()
 getHtmlOptions ()
 resolveContentTemplate ($template, $data)
 getEditableInputId ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 getEditableInputName ($attributeName=null, $relationAttributeName=null)
 resolveInputPrefix ()
 resolveInputIdPrefix ()
 resolveInputNamePrefix ()
 getListViewGridId ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
 __construct ($model, $attribute, $form=null, array $params=array())
 render ()
 getEditableNameIds ()
 getAttribute ()
 renderAsControlNonEditable ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Element
static getDisplayName ()
static isReadOnly ()
static resolveInputNameForEditableInput ($attributeName)
static resolveInputNamePrefixIntoString ($inputNamePrefix)
static resolveInputIdPrefixIntoString ($inputIdPrefix)
- Data Fields inherited from Element
 $editableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}{error}</td>'
 $nonEditableTemplate = '<th>{label}</th><td colspan="{colspan}">{content}</td>'
- Protected Attributes inherited from Element

Detailed Description

Displays checkbox for choosing whether to set a workflow action attribute value or not. Override to support hiding and showing the value div rendered as a check box.

Definition at line 42 of file ShouldSetValueCheckBoxElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderControlEditable ( )

Render A standard text input.

The element's content as a string.

Definition at line 48 of file ShouldSetValueCheckBoxElement.php.

getEditableHtmlOptions ( )

Definition at line 57 of file ShouldSetValueCheckBoxElement.php.

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