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SequentialProcess Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SequentialProcess:
ImportSequentialProcess TestSequentialProcess ImportCreateUpdateModelsSequentialProcess ImportDataAnalysisSequentialProcess

Public Member Functions

 getAllStepsMessage ()
 run ($step, $params)
 isComplete ()
 getNextStep ()
 getNextParams ()
 getNextMessage ()
 getCompletionPercentage ()
 getViewClassNameByStep ($step)

Protected Member Functions

 steps ()
 stepMessages ()
 resolveNextInformationByCurrentStep ($step)
 setNextMessageByStep ($step)

Protected Attributes

 $complete = false
 $subSequenceCompletionPercentage = 0

Detailed Description

Component to run a sequential process. After a step is run, information regarding the next step is populated including any parameters and messages. Sequential processes can also include sub processes. An example would be if a specific step has a loop over models via a data provider.

Definition at line 42 of file SequentialProcess.php.

Member Function Documentation

getAllStepsMessage ( )

Method to get the message that is utilized for all steps in a sequence.

string message content.
steps ( )
array of steps in the sequence
stepMessages ( )

Array indexed by step. The value represents the step specific message.

array of step messages.
run (   $step,

Given a step, run it and setup for the next step in the process.

stringor null $step
arrayor null $params

Definition at line 111 of file SequentialProcess.php.

Field Documentation

$complete = false

If all the steps are completed, this is set to true.

Definition at line 64 of file SequentialProcess.php.

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