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ModulePermissionsViewUtil PoliciesEditViewUtil PoliciesEffectiveDetailsViewUtil RightsDetailsViewUtil ModulePermissionsActualDetailsViewUtil ModulePermissionsEditViewUtil RightsEditViewUtil RightsEffectiveDetailsViewUtil

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveMetadataFromData ($data, $metadata)

Static Protected Member Functions

static makeMetadataFromData ($data)
static sortCategoryItems ($categoryItems)
static getRowByElement ($element, $rowTitle=null)
static getElementInformation ($moduleClassName, $item, $itemInformation)

Detailed Description

Helper class to dynamically generate view metadata based on data array. Used by Policies, Rights, and Permissions Views

Definition at line 42 of file SecurityViewUtil.php.

Member Function Documentation

static resolveMetadataFromData ( data,
) [static]

resolves the view metadata based on dynamic information from the data array and the metadata passed in which. The metadata passed in should not have any global panel information as this part of the array is being generated here.

array - final view metadata.

Definition at line 51 of file SecurityViewUtil.php.

static makeMetadataFromData ( data  )  [static, protected]

Makes view metadata based on data array

array - view metadata

Reimplemented in ModulePermissionsViewUtil, and RightsDetailsViewUtil.

Definition at line 62 of file SecurityViewUtil.php.

static getElementInformation ( moduleClassName,
) [static, protected]

This is not abstract because PHP will not allow an abstract protected static function. Override this function as necessary

Reimplemented in ModulePermissionsActualDetailsViewUtil, ModulePermissionsEditViewUtil, PoliciesEditViewUtil, PoliciesEffectiveDetailsViewUtil, RightsEditViewUtil, and RightsEffectiveDetailsViewUtil.

Definition at line 127 of file SecurityViewUtil.php.

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