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SecurityForm Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SecurityForm:
ConfigurableMetadataModel ModulePermissionsForm PoliciesForm RightsForm

Public Member Functions

 __get ($name)
 attributeLabels ()
 validateIsRequiredByComparingHelper ($attribute, $params)

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveNameForDelimiterSplit ($name, $delimiter)

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

 getPropertyFromData ($moduleName, $securityItem, $type)
 resolveLabelfromData ($information)

Detailed Description

Form for displaying the policies, rights, and module permissions in the administrative user interface.

Definition at line 41 of file SecurityForm.php.

Member Function Documentation

__get (   $name)

Override to accomodate special attributes on this form. Attribute data is stored in the data array. In order to get an attribute if you use $name = UsersModule__POLICYA then it will look for this attribute in: $data['UsersModule']['POLICYA'] and retrieve the 'explicit' value.

Optionally you can specify UsersModule__POLICYA__inherited which will retrieve the 'inherited' value instead of the explicit value.

See Also

Definition at line 57 of file SecurityForm.php.

static resolveNameForDelimiterSplit (   $name,

Takes a name string and appends a second delimiter to the string if it does not exist.

name string

Definition at line 74 of file SecurityForm.php.

attributeLabels ( )

Populate both the standard attribute in the data array as well as the 'effective' and 'actual' attribute index which is expected to be available in this data.


Definition at line 130 of file SecurityForm.php.

validateIsRequiredByComparingHelper (   $attribute,

Validator used to compare a dropdown value against a text input box. If the dropdown value is a certain value, then the input box shouldb be made required.

Definition at line 158 of file SecurityForm.php.

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