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DetailsView ModelView ConfigurableMetadataView MetadataView View CalendarItemDetailsView CampaignDetailsOverlayView CampaignDetailsView ConversationDetailsView EmailTemplateDetailsView MarketingListDetailsOverlayView MarketingListDetailsView MissionDetailsView ModelsToMergeListAndChartView TaskModalDetailsView TaskRelatedDetailsOverlayView

Protected Member Functions

 resolveElementInformationDuringFormLayoutRender (&$elementInformation)
 shouldRenderToolBarElement ($element, $elementInformation)
 renderAfterFormLayoutForDetailsContent ()

Detailed Description

Zurmo specific view for details view. Used to manipulate elements for a form layout based on rights/permissions of the current user

Definition at line 42 of file SecuredDetailsView.php.

Member Function Documentation

resolveElementInformationDuringFormLayoutRender ( &$  elementInformation  )  [protected]

Override to handle security/access resolution on specific elements.

Reimplemented from DetailsView.

Reimplemented in EmailTemplateDetailsView.

Definition at line 47 of file SecuredDetailsView.php.

shouldRenderToolBarElement ( element,
) [protected]
ActionElement $element
array $elementInformation

Reimplemented from MetadataView.

Reimplemented in MissionDetailsView.

Definition at line 58 of file SecuredDetailsView.php.

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