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Module AccountAccountAffiliationsModule AccountContactAffiliationsModule AccountsModule ApiModule CalendarsModule CampaignsModule ConfigurationModule ContactsModule ContactWebFormsModule ConversationsModule DesignerModule EmailMessagesModule EmailTemplatesModule ExportModule GameRewardsModule GroupsModule HomeModule ImportModule JobsManagerModule LeadsModule MapsModule MarketingListsModule MarketingModule MeetingsModule MissionsModule NotesModule OpportunitiesModule ProductsModule ProductTemplatesModule ProjectsModule ReportsModule ReportsTest2Module ReportsTestModule RolesModule SendGridModule SocialItemsModule TasksModule UsersModule WorkflowsModule WorkflowsTest2Module WorkflowsTestModule ZurmoModule

Static Public Member Functions

static getRightsNames ()
static getTranslatedRightsLabels ()
static getPolicyNames ()
static getTranslatedPolicyLabels ()
static getAuditEventNames ()
static stringifyAuditEvent (AuditEvent $auditEvent, $format= 'long')
static getPolicyRulesTypes ()
static getPolicyDefault ($policyName)
static isPolicyYesNo ($value)
static getAccessRight ()
static getCreateRight ()
static getDeleteRight ()
static getSecurableModuleDisplayName ()
static hasPermissions ()

Static Protected Attributes

static $policyDefaults = array()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

static getRightsNames (  )  [static]

Returns an array of names of rights applicable to the module.

Definition at line 44 of file SecurableModule.php.

static getPolicyNames (  )  [static]

Returns an array of names of policies applicable to the module.

Definition at line 66 of file SecurableModule.php.

static getPolicyRulesTypes (  )  [static]
array of Policy / PolicyRulesType pairings

Reimplemented from Module.

Reimplemented in UsersModule.

Definition at line 123 of file SecurableModule.php.

static getCreateRight (  )  [static]
static getDeleteRight (  )  [static]

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