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HideOlderCompletedItemsSearchFormAttributeMappingRules MixedDateTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules MixedLoggedInUserTypesAndUsersSearchFormAttributeMappingRules OwnedItemsOnlySearchFormAttributeMappingRules MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules MixedDateTypesTriggerForWorkflowFormAttributeMappingRules

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveValueDataIntoUsableValue ($value)
static resolveAttributesAndRelations ($attributeName, &$attributeAndRelations, $value)
static getIgnoredSavableMetadataRules ()

Detailed Description

Base class for defining rules for search form attributes. Some search form attributes require dynamically determining operatorTypes and values based on either the value specified in the user interface in the search form or some other means. An example is the

See also:
OwnedItemsOnlySearchFormAttributeMappingRules which will dynamically use the current user's userModel id to define the value to filter on.

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Member Function Documentation

static resolveValueDataIntoUsableValue ( value  )  [static]
static resolveAttributesAndRelations ( attributeName,
&$  attributeAndRelations,
) [static]

Implement if the attributeAndRelations array needs to be dynamically resolved to a new structure at run-time. This could be required if the structure changes depending on the value for example.

string $attributeName
array $attributeAndRelations
mixed $value

Reimplemented in HideOlderCompletedItemsSearchFormAttributeMappingRules, MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules, MixedDateTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules, and MixedLoggedInUserTypesAndUsersSearchFormAttributeMappingRules.

Definition at line 61 of file SearchFormAttributeMappingRules.php.

static getIgnoredSavableMetadataRules (  )  [static]

Override if any rules need to be ignored for attributes using this rule.

mixed $value

Reimplemented in HideOlderCompletedItemsSearchFormAttributeMappingRules, and OwnedItemsOnlySearchFormAttributeMappingRules.

Definition at line 70 of file SearchFormAttributeMappingRules.php.

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