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Static Public Member Functions
RuntimeUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getClassHierarchy ($className, $upToAndNotIncludingClassName)
static getModelDerivationPathToItem ($modelClassName)

Detailed Description

Helper functionality for use in accessing type information at runtime.

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Member Function Documentation

static getClassHierarchy (   $className,

Returns an array of the name of the class and each of its parent classes up to but not including the given class.

$classNameThe class name to start with.
$upToAndNotIncludingClassNameThe class name to end with, and which is not included in the returned array.
An array of strings, starting with $className, and containing each of the class names in its inheritance hierachy.

Definition at line 54 of file RuntimeUtil.php.

static getModelDerivationPathToItem (   $modelClassName)

Given a modelClassName, find the deriviation path to Item. This is used by the castDown method for example in RedBeanModel.

array of derivation path.

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