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RoleTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RoleTest:
ZurmoBaseTest BaseTest

Public Member Functions

 setup ()
 testAddingUserToRole ()
 testAddingChildRoleAsAParentRole ()
 testCreateRoleWithNoUsersAndNoParents ()
 testAddingUserToRoleWithNoParentsAndNoUsers ()
 testAddingUserToRoleWithNoParentsAndOneUser ()
 testMovingRoleWithNoUsersToParent ()
 testMovingRoleWithOneUserToParent ()
 testMovingRoleWithTwoUsersToParent ()
 testRemovingRoleWithNoUsersFromParent ()
 testRemovingRoleWithOneUserFromParent ()
 testRemovingRoleWithTwoUsersFromParent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
 setUp ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTest
 setup ()
 teardown ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
static setUpBeforeClass ()
static tearDownAfterClass ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTest
static setUpBeforeClass ()
static tearDownAfterClass ()
static resetAndPopulateFilesArrayByFilePathAndName ($arrayName, $filePath, $fileName)
static getDependentTestModelClassNames ()
static getReflectedPropertyValue ($object, $propertyName)

Protected Member Functions

 createRole ($name)
 addUserToRole (User $user, Role $role)
 moveRoleToParent ($roleName, $parentName=null)
 removeRoleFromParent ($roleName, $parentName=null)
 addOrRemoveRoleFromParent ($roleName, $parentName=null, $add=true)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
 endPrintOutputBufferAndFail ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTest
 assertWithinTolerance ($expected, $actual, $plusMinus)
 assertWithinPercentage ($expected, $actual, $percentage)
 isDebug ()

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
static $activateDefaultLanguages = false
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseTest
static $activateDefaultLanguages = false
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
static startOutputBuffer ()
static endAndGetOutputBuffer ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTest
static getProtectedMethod ($className, $methodName)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ZurmoBaseTest
static $activitiesObserver
static $conversationsObserver
static $emailMessagesObserver
static $contactLatestActivityDateTimeObserver
static $accountLatestActivityDateTimeObserver
static $accountContactAffiliationObserver

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file RoleTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

testAddingUserToRoleWithNoParentsAndNoUsers ( )


Definition at line 109 of file RoleTest.php.

testAddingUserToRoleWithNoParentsAndOneUser ( )


Definition at line 131 of file RoleTest.php.

testMovingRoleWithNoUsersToParent ( )


Definition at line 158 of file RoleTest.php.

testMovingRoleWithOneUserToParent ( )


Definition at line 166 of file RoleTest.php.

testMovingRoleWithTwoUsersToParent ( )


Definition at line 174 of file RoleTest.php.

testRemovingRoleWithNoUsersFromParent ( )


Definition at line 182 of file RoleTest.php.

testRemovingRoleWithOneUserFromParent ( )


Definition at line 190 of file RoleTest.php.

testRemovingRoleWithTwoUsersFromParent ( )


Definition at line 198 of file RoleTest.php.

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