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Static Public Member Functions
RightsCache Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for RightsCache:
GeneralCache ZurmoCache

Static Public Member Functions

static getEntry ($identifier, $default= 'NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION', $cacheDefaultValue=false)
static cacheEntry ($identifier, $entry)
static forgetAll ($forgetDbLevelCache=true)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GeneralCache
static getEntry ($identifier, $default= 'NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION', $cacheDefaultValue=false)
static cacheEntry ($identifier, $entry)
static forgetEntry ($identifier)
static forgetAll ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ZurmoCache
static getCachePrefix ($identifier)
static setAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ($prefix= '')
static getAdditionalStringForCachePrefix ()
static supportsAndAllowsMemcache ()
static supportsAndAllowsPhpCaching ()
static supportsAndAllowsDatabaseCaching ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from ZurmoCache
const ALLOW_PHP_CACHING = true
const ALLOW_DB_CACHING = true
const CACHE_VALUE_KEY = 'value'
const CACHE_CHECKSUM_KEY = 'checksum'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from GeneralCache
static $cacheType = 'G:'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ZurmoCache
static $cacheType = 'Z:'
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ZurmoCache
static getCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static setCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType, $value)
static incrementCacheIncrementValue ($cacheType)
static isIdentifierCacheIncrementValueName ($identifier)
static clearMemcacheCache ()
static cacheValueAndChecksum ($key, $value)
static getCachedValueAndValidateChecksum ($key)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from GeneralCache
static $cachedEntries = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ZurmoCache
static $cacheIncrementValueVariableName = 'CacheIncrementValue'
static $additionalStringForCachePrefix = ''

Detailed Description

This is a rights caching helper. Currently it just wraps the general cache until we can split out the caching in memcache by categories. This way in the future we can flush just the rights cache instead of having to flush the entire cache like we are doing now.

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