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ModelsElement DerivedElementInterface ElementActionTypeInterface Element ActivityItemsElement ConversationItemsElement ActivityItemsExcludingContactsElement NoteActivityItemsElement TaskActivityItemsElement TasksForModalActivityItemsElement NoteActivityItemsForSocialItemsListElement

Static Public Member Functions

static getDisplayName ()
static getModelAttributeNames ()
static getEditableActionType ()
static getNonEditableActionType ()

Data Fields

 $editableTemplate = '<th class="hidden-element"></th><td class="hidden-element" colspan="{colspan}"></td></tr>{content}{error}<tr><th class="hidden-element"></th><td class="hidden-element" colspan="{colspan}"></td>'
 $nonEditableTemplate = '<th class="hidden-element"></th><td class="hidden-element" colspan="{colspan}"></td></tr>{content}<tr><th class="hidden-element"></th><td class="hidden-element" colspan="{colspan}"></td>'

Protected Member Functions

 getRelatedItemsFromModel ()
 renderControlNonEditable ()
 renderControlEditable ()
 renderElementsForRelationsByRelationsData ($relationModelClassNames)
 resolveAndRenderEditableInput ($relationModel, $relatedItemForm, $relationModelClassName, $modelElementType)
 renderEditableHiddenInput ($relatedItemForm, $relationModelClassName, $modelElementType)
 renderNonEditableElementsForRelationsByRelationsData ($relationModelClassNames)
 getRelatedItemEditableTemplate ()
 getRelatedItemEditableHiddenInputOnlyTemplate ()
 getRelatedItemNonEditableTemplate ()
 renderError ()
 renderLabel ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static getRelatedItemsModelClassNames ()
static getRelatedItemFormClassName ()

Detailed Description

User interface element for managing related model relations for any model. This class supports a HAS_ONE only. If you need to support HAS_MANY models you will need to extend this class.

Definition at line 42 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

renderError (  )  [protected]

Generate the error content. Used by editable content

error content

Reimplemented from Element.

Definition at line 225 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

renderLabel (  )  [protected]

Generate the element label content

A string containing the element's label

Reimplemented from Element.

Definition at line 229 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

static getModelAttributeNames (  )  [static]

Get the attributeNames of attributes used in the derived element. For this element, there are no attributes from the model.

array - empty

Implements DerivedElementInterface.

Definition at line 254 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

static getEditableActionType (  )  [static]

Gets the action type for the related model's action that is called by the select button or the autocomplete feature in the Editable render.

Implements ElementActionTypeInterface.

Definition at line 264 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

static getNonEditableActionType (  )  [static]

Currently RelatedItems is not supported in non editable views.

Implements ElementActionTypeInterface.

Definition at line 272 of file RelatedItemsElement.php.

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