RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveUniqueIndexesFromValidator ($modelClassName)
static resolve ($modelClassName, array $rules, &$messageLogger)
static resolveStringTypeAndLengthByMaxLength (&$type, &$length, $maxLength=null)
static resolveIntegerTypeByMinAndMaxValue (&$type, $min, $max)

Data Fields

const ASSUME_SIGNED = true
const CACHE_KEY = 'RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter_uniqueIndexes'

Static Protected Member Functions

static resolveColumnTypeAndLengthFromRules ($modelClassName, $member, array $rules, &$type, &$length, &$notNull, &$default, &$messageLogger)
static findSuitableModelClassName ($modelClassName)
static findFirstNonAbstractModelInHierarchy ($modelClassName)
static registerUniqueIndexByMemberName ($member, $modelClassName)

Detailed Description

Adapter class to generate column definition when provided with rules, modelClassName

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Member Function Documentation

static resolveUniqueIndexesFromValidator ( modelClassName  )  [static]

returns unique indexes for a modelClass if there are any unique validators for its members

string $modelClassName

Definition at line 68 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

static resolve ( modelClassName,
array $  rules,
&$  messageLogger 
) [static]

Provided modelClassName and rules for a member we resolve a column in table.

string $modelClassName
array $rules

Definition at line 85 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

Field Documentation

const ASSUME_SIGNED = true

Should we assume all int types signed?

Definition at line 45 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

this the default model class thats passed to validator in case we can't find a suitable model class. this class must allow having beans.

Definition at line 51 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

Should be force using the default model class defined above for validators or try to find suitable one?

Definition at line 56 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

const CACHE_KEY = 'RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter_uniqueIndexes'

Key to store unique indexes for unique validators against models

Definition at line 61 of file RedBeanModelMemberRulesToColumnAdapter.php.

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