ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest Class Reference

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ZurmoRegularUserWalkthroughBaseTest ZurmoWalkthroughBaseTest ZurmoBaseTest BaseTest

Public Member Functions

 testRegularUserAllControllerActionsNoElevation ()
 testRegularUserControllerActionsWithElevationToAccessAndCreate ()
 testRegularUserControllerActionsWithElevationToModels ()
 testRegularUserViewingProductWithoutAccessToAccount ()
 testRegularMassDeleteActionsForSelectedIds ()
 testRegularMassDeletePagesProperlyAndRemovesAllSelected ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()

Detailed Description

Products Module Walkthrough. Walkthrough for a peon user. The peon user at first will have no granted rights or permissions. Most attempted actions will result in an ExitException and a access failure view. After this, we elevate the user with added tab rights so that some of the actions will result in success and no exceptions being thrown. There will still be some actions they cannot get too though because of the lack of elevated permissions. Then we will elevate permissions to allow the user to access other owner's records.

Definition at line 47 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

testRegularUserControllerActionsWithElevationToAccessAndCreate (  ) 


Definition at line 95 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

testRegularUserControllerActionsWithElevationToModels (  ) 


Definition at line 132 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

testRegularUserViewingProductWithoutAccessToAccount (  ) 


Definition at line 432 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

testRegularMassDeleteActionsForSelectedIds (  ) 

selected products.

Definition at line 451 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

testRegularMassDeletePagesProperlyAndRemovesAllSelected (  ) 

Test Bug with mass delete and multiple pages when using select all

Definition at line 508 of file ProductsRegularUserWalkthroughTest.php.

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