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ZurmoBaseTest BaseTest

Public Member Functions

 testEmptyOpportunityGetsCreatedOnProductEdit ()
 testDemoDataMaker ()
 testCreateAndGetProductById ()
 testGetProductsByName ()
 testGetLabel ()
 testGetProductByNameForNonExistentName ()
 testGetAll ()
 testDeleteProduct ()
 testGetAllWhenThereAreNone ()
 testProductSaveWithPermissions ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

testEmptyOpportunityGetsCreatedOnProductEdit (  ) 

Shows a bug with opportunity as a product relation. The bug is when there is a default customField value The fix is the use of isReallyModified() to now determine if during save() if the model has really been modified If it is a new model, then for example 'name' must not be empty, otherwise it is has not really been modified

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testGetProductsByName (  ) 


Definition at line 169 of file ProductTest.php.

testGetLabel (  ) 


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testGetProductByNameForNonExistentName (  ) 


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testGetAll (  ) 


Definition at line 202 of file ProductTest.php.

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