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Controller ZurmoPortletController AccountsDefaultPortletController CampaignsDefaultPortletController ContactsDefaultPortletController ConversationsDefaultPortletController GameRewardsDefaultPortletController HomeDefaultPortletController LeadsDefaultPortletController MarketingDefaultPortletController MarketingListsDefaultPortletController MeetingsDefaultPortletController MissionsDefaultPortletController NotesDefaultPortletController OpportunitiesDefaultPortletController ProductsDefaultPortletController ProductTemplatesDefaultPortletController ProjectsDefaultPortletController ReportsDefaultPortletController UsersDefaultPortletController

Public Member Functions

 actionSaveLayout ()
 actionModalConfigEdit ()
 actionModalConfigSave ($portletId, $uniqueLayoutId, array $portletParams=array())
 actionModalRefresh ($portletId, $uniqueLayoutId, $redirectUrl, array $portletParams=array(), $portletsAreRemovable=true)

Protected Member Functions

 actionModalConfigValidate ()
 resolveAddingRelationModelIdToPortletParams ($portlet)

Detailed Description

Framework portlet controller.

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Member Function Documentation

actionSaveLayout (  ) 

Save layout changes including: collapse/show position change removed portlets

Definition at line 49 of file PortletController.php.

actionModalConfigEdit (  ) 

Called using Ajax. Renders a modal popup of the portlet's configuration view. Also called on 'save' of the modal popup form in order to validate form.

Definition at line 80 of file PortletController.php.

actionModalConfigSave ( portletId,
array $  portletParams = array() 

Called using Ajax.

Reimplemented in CampaignsDefaultPortletController.

Definition at line 112 of file PortletController.php.

actionModalRefresh ( portletId,
array $  portletParams = array(),
portletsAreRemovable = true 

Refresh portlet contents within a dashboard or details relation view. In the case of details relation view detect if the relationModelId is populated, in which case resolve and populate the relationModel. Resets controller back to default.

string $portletId
string $uniqueLayoutId
string $redirectUrl
array $portletParams - optional argument which allows you to override the standard parameters.
bool $portletsAreRemovable

Definition at line 134 of file PortletController.php.

resolveAddingRelationModelIdToPortletParams ( portlet  )  [protected]

Override in children classes if you want to add relationModelId to portlet params

Reimplemented in CampaignsDefaultPortletController.

Definition at line 156 of file PortletController.php.

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