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OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField:
MultipleValuesCustomField BaseCustomField RedBeanModel BeanModel ObservableComponent

Public Member Functions

 __set ($attributeName, $value)
 __get ($attributeName)
 resolveOriginalCustomFieldValuesDataForNewData ()
 save ($runValidation=true, array $attributeNames=null)
 forgetOriginalAttributeValues ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MultipleValuesCustomField
 __toString ()
 setValues ($values)
 stringifyOneToManyRelatedModelsValues ($values)
 getValues ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseCustomField
 __set ($attributeName, $value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RedBeanModel
 getIsNewModel ()
 __construct ($setDefaults=true, RedBean_OODBBean $bean=null, $forceTreatAsCreation=false, $runConstruction=true)
 serialize ()
 unserialize ($data)
 getPrimaryBean ()
 getClassId ($modelClassName)
 getClassBean ($modelClassName)
 getModelIdentifier ()
 castDown (array $derivedModelClassNames)
 isSame (RedBeanModel $model)
 __toString ()
 __get ($attributeName)
 __set ($attributeName, $value)
 __isset ($attributeName)
 __unset ($attributeName)
 attributeNames ()
 isAttribute ($attributeName)
 isAttributeWithLowerCaseConversion ($attributeName)
 isAttributeReadOnly ($attributeName)
 isAttributeFormattedAsProbability ($attributeName)
 isAllowedToSetReadOnlyAttribute ($attributeName)
 rules ()
 behaviors ()
 attributeLabels ()
 abbreviatedAttributeLabels ()
 validate (array $attributeNames=null, $ignoreRequiredValidator=false)
 onBeforeValidate (CModelEvent $event)
 onAfterValidate ($event)
 getValidatorList ()
 getValidators ($attributeName=null)
 forgetValidators ()
 createValidators ()
 isUniqueAttributeValue ($attributeName, $value)
 save ($runValidation=true, array $attributeNames=null)
 isRelatedModelReallyModified ($relatedModel, $relationType, $isOwned)
 isReallyModified ($relationType, $isOwned)
 onBeforeSave ($event)
 onAfterSave ($event)
 onRedBeanOneToManyRelatedModelsChange ($event)
 onBeforeDelete ($event)
 onAfterDelete ($event)
 isModified ()
 delete ()
 isDeleted ()
 isDeletable ()
 forget ()
 isAttributeRequired ($attributeName)
 isAttributeSafe ($attributeName)
 getAttributeLabel ($attributeName)
 getAttributeLabelsForAllActiveLanguagesByAttributeName ($attributeName)
 hasErrors ($attributeNameOrNames=null)
 getErrors ($attributeNameOrNames=null)
 getError ($attributeName)
 addError ($attributeName, $errorMessage)
 addErrors (array $errors)
 clearErrors ($attributeName=null)
 generateAttributeLabel ($attributeName)
 getAttributes (array $attributeNames=null)
 setAttributes (array $values, $safeOnly=true)
 unsetAttributes ($attributeNames=null)
 onUnsafeAttribute ($name, $value)
 getScenario ()
 setScenario ($scenarioName)
 getSafeAttributeNames ()
 getIterator ()
 offsetExists ($offset)
 offsetGet ($offset)
 offsetSet ($offset, $item)
 offsetUnset ($offset)
 stringifyOneToManyRelatedModelsValues ($values)
 setIsCopied ()
 isCopied ()
 addValidator ($attribute, $validator, $params=array())
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObservableComponent
 init ()
 attachEvents ($events)
 events ()
 attachEventHandler ($name, $handler)
 detachEventHandler ($name, $handler)

Static Public Member Functions

static getCanHaveBean ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MultipleValuesCustomField
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static updateValueByDataIdAndOldValueAndNewValue ($customFieldDataId, $oldValue, $newValue)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseCustomField
static getDefaultMetadata ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RedBeanModel
static model ($className=null)
static getAll ($orderBy=null, $sortDescending=false, $modelClassName=null)
static getSubset (RedBeanModelJoinTablesQueryAdapter $joinTablesAdapter=null, $offset=null, $count=null, $where=null, $orderBy=null, $modelClassName=null, $selectDistinct=false)
static getSubsetIds (RedBeanModelJoinTablesQueryAdapter $joinTablesAdapter=null, $offset=null, $count=null, $where=null, $orderBy=null, $modelClassName=null, $selectDistinct=false)
static makeSubsetOrCountSqlQuery ($tableName, RedBeanModelJoinTablesQueryAdapter $joinTablesAdapter, $offset=null, $count=null, $where=null, $orderBy=null, $selectCount=false, $selectDistinct=false, array $quotedExtraSelectColumnNameAndAliases=array())
static getCount (RedBeanModelJoinTablesQueryAdapter $joinTablesAdapter=null, $where=null, $modelClassName=null, $selectDistinct=false)
static getById ($id, $modelClassName=null)
static deleteAll ()
static mangleTableName ()
static getTableName ()
static getTableNames ($classNames)
static getForeignKeyName ($modelClassName, $relationName)
static getModelClassNameByIdentifier ($identifier)
static getMetadata ()
static canSaveMetadata ()
static setMetadata (array $metadata)
static getDefaultMetadata ()
static isTypeDeletable ()
static forgetAll ()
static getModelLabelByTypeAndLanguage ($type, $language=null)
static getAnAttributeLabel ($attributeName)
static makeModel (RedBean_OODBBean $bean, $modelClassName=null)
static makeModels (array $beans, $modelClassName=null)
static getModuleClassName ()
static getLastClassInBeanHeirarchy ()
static getSortAttributesByAttribute ($attribute)
static isCacheable ()
static getYiiValidatorsToRedBeanValidators ()
static getHasManyOpposingRelationName (RedBeanModel $model, $precedingModelClassName, $precedingRelation)
static relationLinksToPrecedingRelation ($modelClassName, $relation, $precedingModelClassName=null, $precedingRelation=null)
static allowMemcacheCache ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BeanModel
static getCanHaveBean ()
static getMetadata ()
static isAnAttribute ($attributeName)
static resolveAttributeModelClassName ($attributeName)
static getAttributeModelClassName ($attributeName)
static isRelation ($attributeName)
static isOwnedRelation ($attributeName)
static getRelationType ($relationName)
static getRelationModelClassName ($relationName)
static getRelationLinkType ($relationName)
static getRelationLinkName ($relationName)
static isRelationTypeAHasManyVariant ($relationName)
static isRelationTypeAHasOneVariant ($relationName)
static isADerivedRelationViaCastedUpModel ($relationName)
static getDerivedRelationType ($relationName)
static getDerivedRelationModelClassName ($relationName)
static getDerivedRelationViaCastedUpModelOpposingRelationName ($relationName)
static getInferredRelationModelClassNamesForRelation ($relation)
static getColumnNameByAttribute ($attributeName)
static getAttributeNames ()
static generateAnAttributeLabel ($attributeName)
static getAbbreviatedAttributeLabel ($attributeName)
static getTranslatedAttributeLabels ($language)
static getMixedInModelClassNames ()
static isRelationTypeAManyManyVariant ($relationName)

Data Fields

 $originalAttributeValues = array()
- Data Fields inherited from RedBeanModel
- Data Fields inherited from BeanModel
const HAS_ONE = 2
const HAS_MANY = 3
const MANY_MANY = 4
const OWNED = true
const NOT_OWNED = false
const CACHE_IDENTIFIER = 'BeanModelMapping'

Protected Member Functions

 afterSave ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RedBeanModel
 constructDerived ($bean, $setDefaults)
 constructIncomplete ($bean)
 setNotModified ()
 onCreated ()
 onLoaded ()
 onModified ()
 mapAndCacheMetadataAndSetHints ($modelClassName, RedBean_OODBBean $bean)
 runDefaultValidators ()
 setClassBean ($modelClassName, RedBean_OODBBean $bean)
 unrestrictedGet ($attributeName)
 unrestrictedSet ($attributeName, $value)
 beforeValidate ()
 afterValidate ()
 beforeSave ()
 afterSave ()
 linkBeans ()
 beforeDelete ()
 afterDelete ()
 unrestrictedDelete ()
 deleteOwnedRelatedModels ($modelClassName)
 deleteForeignRelatedModels ($modelClassName)
 deleteManyManyRelations ($modelClassName)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from RedBeanModel
static makeCasedLinkName ($relationType, $linkType, $relationLinkName)
static getModelIdentifierByClassNameAndBeanId ($modelClassName, $beanId)
static assertMetadataIsValid (array $metadata)
static getByRelatedClassId ($relatedModelClassName, $id, $modelClassName=null)
static getLabel ($language=null)
static getPluralLabel ($language=null)
static getAttributeLabelByLanguage ($attributeName, $language)
static getTranslatedCustomAttributeLabelByLanguage ($attributeName, $languageCode)
static resolveModelClassNameForClassesWithoutBeans (&$modelClassName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from BeanModel
static translatedAbbreviatedAttributeLabels ($language)
static translatedAttributeLabels ($language)
static getAttributeNamesToClassNamesForModel ()
static getAttributeNamesNotBelongsToOrManyManyForModel ()
static getRelationNameToRelationTypeModelClassNameAndOwnsForModel ()
static getDerivedRelationNameToTypeModelClassNameAndOppposingRelationForModel ()
static forgetBeanModel ($modelClassName)
static forgetAllBeanModels ()
static resolveCacheAndMapMetadataForAllClassesInHeirarchy ()
static resolveCachedMetadataForIntegrity ($cachedData)
static resolveLinkTypeAndRelationLinkName ($relationTypeModelClassNameAndOwns, &$linkType, &$relationLinkName)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RedBeanModel
 $modelClassNameToBean = array()
 $attributeNameToBeanAndClassName = array()
 $relationNameToRelatedModel = array()
 $unlinkedRelationNames = array()
 $unlinkedOwnedRelatedModelsToRemove = array()
 $validators = array()
 $attributeNameToErrors = array()
 $scenarioName = ''
 $modified = false
 $deleted = false
 $isInIsModified = false
 $isInHasErrors = false
 $isInGetErrors = false
 $isValidating = false
 $isSaving = false
 $isDeleting = false
 $isNewModel = false
 $isCopied = false
 $isSavableFromRelation = true
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from RedBeanModel
static $lastClassInBeanHeirarchy = 'RedBeanModel'
static $attributeLabelsByLanguage = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from BeanModel
static $lastClassInBeanHeirarchy = 'BeanModel'

Detailed Description

A MultipleValuesCustomField owned by a SecurableItem in the sense that it is included in a relation with RedBeanModel::OWNED - its lifetime is controlled by the owning model. SecurableItems are secured and auditable and so the related models that they own are secured and auditable.

Definition at line 44 of file OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField.php.

Member Function Documentation

static getCanHaveBean ( )
See Also

Definition at line 74 of file OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField.php.

__get (   $attributeName)

Method extended to provide some additional logic. Because the relation 'values' data is going to be processed for audit in this class, the original data for 'values' needs to be stored when a __get is performed. Normally during __set this is performed, but we cannot do this because we can't override the __set in the 'values' class. The 'values' class is a RedBeanOneToManyRelationModels. This data then will be further processed in the afterSave method. (non-PHPdoc)

See Also

Definition at line 99 of file OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField.php.

resolveOriginalCustomFieldValuesDataForNewData ( )

Utilized by workflow engine. Resolves and returns data only if a change has been made to 'values'. Otherwise returns null. Make sure to use === when evaluating this for null. Be careful when calling this as this will not always contain the correct information if you didn't already call ->values previously.


Definition at line 124 of file OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField.php.

afterSave ( )

Extended method to properly process 'values' audit information. The original information is stored during a __get call. (non-PHPdoc)

See Also

Definition at line 153 of file OwnedMultipleValuesCustomField.php.

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