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OperatorRules Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getTranslatedTypeLabel ($type)
static translatedTypeLabels ()
static availableTypes ()
static getOperatorsWhereValueIsRequired ()
static getOperatorsWhereSecondValueIsRequired ()

Data Fields

const TYPE_EQUALS = 'equals'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_EQUAL = 'doesNotEqual'
const TYPE_STARTS_WITH = 'startsWith'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_STARTS_WITH = 'doesNotStartsWith'
const TYPE_ENDS_WITH = 'endsWith'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_ENDS_WITH = 'doesNotEndsWith'
const TYPE_CONTAINS = 'contains'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_CONTAINS = 'doesNotContains'
const TYPE_GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO = 'greaterThanOrEqualTo'
const TYPE_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO = 'lessThanOrEqualTo'
const TYPE_GREATER_THAN = 'greaterThan'
const TYPE_LESS_THAN = 'lessThan'
const TYPE_ONE_OF = 'oneOf'
const TYPE_BETWEEN = 'between'
const TYPE_IS_NULL = 'isNull'
const TYPE_IS_NOT_NULL = 'isNotNull'
const TYPE_BECOMES = 'becomes'
const TYPE_WAS = 'was'
const TYPE_BECOMES_ONE_OF = 'becomesOneOf'
const TYPE_WAS_ONE_OF = 'wasOneOf'
const TYPE_CHANGES = 'changes'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_CHANGE = 'doesNotChange'
const TYPE_IS_EMPTY = 'isEmpty'
const TYPE_IS_NOT_EMPTY = 'isNotEmpty'

Detailed Description

Rules for working with operators that can be used for triggers in workflows or filters in reporting.

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