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BeanModel RedBeanModel A ActiveLanguage AuditEvent BaseCustomField BaseStarredModel ContactState Currency CustomFieldData CustomFieldsModel CustomFieldValue DateDateTime DDD DerivedAttributeMetadata E F FFF FileContent G GameNotification GGG GlobalMetadata H HHH III KanbanItem M MashableInboxForTestModel MessageSource MessageTranslation MixedRelationsModel NoBean OwnedModel P PerUserMetadata Portlet PP PPP PPPP ProjectAuditEvent QueryFromModel SavedCalendarSubscription ShortUrl StuckJob TestAttributeNamedLikeSqlKeywordModel TestBlobModel TestBooleanAttributeModel TestDatabaseBulkInsertModel TestDataUtilModel TestDateTimeModel TestDateTimeUserModel TestDefaultedAttributeModel TestGetAttributeLabelModel TestIdentityModel TestInvalidSpecificLinkType TestManyManyRelationToItemModel TestModelJoinHasManyAndHasOneBelongsToSide TestModelJoinHasManySide TestModelJoinHasOneSide TestModelJoinManyManySide TestModelJoinManyManySideTwo TestModelToMessagesModel TestNameModel TestOperatorTypeModel TestPolyOneToManyOneSide TestPolyOneToManyOneSideTwo TestPolyOneToManyPolySide TestPolyOneToManyPolySideOwned TestPrecisionModel TestReadOnlyAttributeModel TestSelfRelatingModel TestSimplestManyRelationModel TestSimplestModel TestTypesModel TestViewMetadataValidatorModel ThingWithCalculatedDates X Z ZZ

Public Member Functions

 init ()
 attachEvents ($events)
 events ()
 attachEventHandler ($name, $handler)
 detachEventHandler ($name, $handler)

Detailed Description

Base class to allow observers to raise events on models.

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Member Function Documentation

init (  ) 

Attach exists events while model creation

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attachEvents ( events  ) 

Attach events

array $events

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events (  ) 

Get exists events


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attachEventHandler ( name,

Attach event handler

string $name Event name
mixed $handler Event handler

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detachEventHandler ( name,

Dettach event hander

string $name Event name
mixed $handler Event handler

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