NotificationRules Class Reference

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EmailMessageArchivingEmailAddressNotMatchingNotificationRules EmailMessageOwnerNotExistNotificationRules ExportProcessCompletedNotificationRules GameRewardRedeemedNotificationRules JobsManagerAccessNotificationRules Simple2TestNotificationRules SimpleNotificationRules SimpleYTestNotificationRules SimpleZTestNotificationRules TaskNotificationRules WorkflowMaximumDepthNotificationRules WorkflowTriggerUserPrimaryEmailAddressRequiredNotificationRules WorkflowValidityCheckNotificationRules

Public Member Functions

 allowDuplicates ()
 setAllowDuplicates ($allowDuplicates)
 isCritical ()
 setCritical ($critical)
 getUsers ()
 addUser (User $user)

Static Public Member Functions

static getDisplayName ()
static getType ()

Protected Member Functions

 loadUsers ()

Protected Attributes

 $usersLoaded = false
 $users = array()
 $critical = false
 $allowDuplicates = false

Detailed Description

Class to help the notifications module understand the logic for specific notifications it processes and creates.

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Member Function Documentation

allowDuplicates (  ) 
true/false whether to allow multiple notifications by type for a single owner to be created.

Reimplemented in SimpleDuplicateNotificationRules.

Definition at line 80 of file NotificationRules.php.

setAllowDuplicates ( allowDuplicates  ) 
boolean $allowDuplicates

Definition at line 88 of file NotificationRules.php.

isCritical (  ) 
true/false whether the notification is considered critical, in which case an Email will be sent out in addition to the notification.

Definition at line 98 of file NotificationRules.php.

setCritical ( critical  ) 

Set the notification as being critical or not. This will override the default setting for this particular NotificationRules

boolean $critical

Definition at line 108 of file NotificationRules.php.

getUsers (  ) 
array of users to receive a notification.

Definition at line 125 of file NotificationRules.php.

addUser ( User user  ) 

Add a user to receive a notification.

User $user

Definition at line 139 of file NotificationRules.php.

loadUsers (  )  [protected]

Loads users to notify. Override in child class if needed.

Reimplemented in EmailMessageOwnerNotExistNotificationRules, JobsManagerAccessNotificationRules, WorkflowMaximumDepthNotificationRules, and WorkflowValidityCheckNotificationRules.

Definition at line 151 of file NotificationRules.php.

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