NoteActivityItemsElement Class Reference

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ActivityItemsElement RelatedItemsElement ModelsElement DerivedElementInterface ElementActionTypeInterface Element NoteActivityItemsForSocialItemsListElement

Protected Member Functions

 getRelatedItemEditableTemplate ()
 getRelatedItemEditableHiddenInputOnlyTemplate ()

Detailed Description

Override to change how the labels show up for each of the activity item relations.

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Member Function Documentation

getRelatedItemEditableTemplate (  )  [protected]

Because notes is a simpler model that is typically displayed inline, the labels should display above each of the relation inputs.

See also:

Reimplemented from RelatedItemsElement.

Definition at line 47 of file NoteActivityItemsElement.php.

getRelatedItemEditableHiddenInputOnlyTemplate (  )  [protected]


See also:

Reimplemented from RelatedItemsElement.

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