MultiSelectAutoComplete Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 run ()

Data Fields

 $scriptFile = 'jquery.tokeninput.js'
 $cssFile = null
 $propertyToSearch = 'name'
 $queryParam = 'term'
 $searchDelay = 300
 $minChars = 1
 $resultsLimit = 'null'
 $preventDuplicates = 'true'

Protected Member Functions

 resolvePackagePath ()

Detailed Description

Jquery multi-select auto complete based on Jquery Token input script.

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Member Function Documentation

resolvePackagePath (  )  [protected]

Determine the package installation path. This method will identify the JavaScript root URL and theme root URL. If they are not explicitly specified, it will publish the included JUI package and use that to resolve the needed paths.

Reimplemented from ZurmoWidget.

Definition at line 172 of file MultiSelectAutoComplete.php.

Field Documentation


The text to show in the dropdown label which appears when you first click in the search field. default: Type a search term

Definition at line 65 of file MultiSelectAutoComplete.php.


Prepopulate the tokeninput with existing data. Set to an array of JSON objects, eg: [{id: 3, name: "John Smith", id: 5, name: "Jill Smith"}] to pre-fill the input. default: null

Definition at line 119 of file MultiSelectAutoComplete.php.

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