ModulePermissionsEditViewUtil Class Reference

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ModulePermissionsViewUtil SecurityViewUtil

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveWritePermissionsFromArray ($data)

Static Protected Member Functions

static getElementInformation ($moduleClassName, $permission, $permissionInformation)

Detailed Description

Helper class to dynamically generate view metadata based on data array.

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Member Function Documentation

static getElementInformation ( moduleClassName,
) [static, protected]

This is not abstract because PHP will not allow an abstract protected static function. Override this function as necessary

Reimplemented from SecurityViewUtil.

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static resolveWritePermissionsFromArray ( data  )  [static]

The WRITE column in the user interface is a combination of the WRITE, CHANGE_OWNER, and CHANGE_PERMISSIONS permissions. WRITE controlls the other 2 permissions in the user interface.

array - resolved data

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