ModelIdValueTypeSanitizerUtil Class Reference

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IdValueTypeSanitizerUtil ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil SanitizerUtil

Public Member Functions

 sanitizeValue ($value)

Protected Member Functions

 resolveForFoundModel ()

Detailed Description

Sanitizer for attributes that are ids. This would be used if mapping an id for the model that is being imported.

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Member Function Documentation

sanitizeValue ( value  ) 

Given a value that is either a zurmo id or an external system id, resolve that the value is valid. If the value is not valid then an InvalidValueToSanitizeException is thrown.

mixed $value
sanitized value

Reimplemented from SanitizerUtil.

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resolveForFoundModel (  )  [protected]

No message is needed, because it found the model and will relate to it ok.

Reimplemented from ExternalSystemIdSuppportedSanitizerUtil.

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