ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules Class Reference

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DerivedAttributeImportRules AttributeImportRules AccountDerivedAttributeImportRules ContactDerivedAttributeImportRules ImportModelTestItem3DerivedAttributeImportRules OpportunityDerivedAttributeImportRules

Public Member Functions

 getDisplayLabel ()
 getRealModelAttributeNames ()
 resolveValueForImport ($value, $columnName, $columnMappingData, ImportSanitizeResultsUtil $importSanitizeResultsUtil)

Static Public Member Functions

static getSanitizerUtilTypesInProcessingOrder ()
static getDerivedAttributeName ()
static getDerivedModelClassName ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static getAllModelAttributeMappingRuleFormTypesAndElementTypes ()

Detailed Description

Base class for a derived relation attribute. This would occur if the relation attribute is not specifically defined on a model, but instead a casted up model is specifically defined.

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Member Function Documentation

static getAllModelAttributeMappingRuleFormTypesAndElementTypes (  )  [static, protected]

Returns mapping rule form and the associated element to use. Override to specify as many pairings as needed. This method is used for mapping rule form/element pairings that are available for both types of columns.

array of MappingRuleForm/Element pairings.

Reimplemented from AttributeImportRules.

Definition at line 44 of file ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules.php.

getDisplayLabel (  ) 

Override in any derived children classes to ensure a display label is available.

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Reimplemented from DerivedAttributeImportRules.

Definition at line 50 of file ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules.php.

getRealModelAttributeNames (  ) 

This information regarding the correct attribute name on the model is not available. This information is available via DerivedAttributeSupportedImportRules::getDerivedAttributeRealAttributeName(); Since we don't have access to that information in this class, we don't know the import rule type, we cannot return anything. Resolving what attribute to save the derived model to will need to be handled outside of this class.

See also:

Reimplemented from DerivedAttributeImportRules.

Definition at line 65 of file ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules.php.

static getSanitizerUtilTypesInProcessingOrder (  )  [static]
array of sanitizer util names. The sanitizer utils in the array are in the order that they will be processed during the import.

Reimplemented from AttributeImportRules.

Reimplemented in AccountDerivedAttributeImportRules, ContactDerivedAttributeImportRules, ImportModelTestItem3DerivedAttributeImportRules, and OpportunityDerivedAttributeImportRules.

Definition at line 70 of file ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules.php.

resolveValueForImport ( value,
ImportSanitizeResultsUtil importSanitizeResultsUtil 
mixed $value
string $columnName
array $columnMappingData
ImportSanitizeResultsUtil $importSanitizeResultsUtil

Reimplemented from DerivedAttributeImportRules.

Definition at line 82 of file ModelDerivedAttributeImportRules.php.

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