ModelDataProviderUtilTest Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 testUsingOnTableAliasCorrectlyResolves ()
 testResolveSortAttributeColumnName ()
 testResolveSortWhenThereAreTableAliases ()
 testResolveGroupByAttributeColumnName ()
 testResolveGroupByWhenThereAreTableAliases ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setUpBeforeClass ()

Detailed Description

Models used: I extends H. I has_one G - used to test standard, casted up and relation ordering.

TestCustomFieldsModel - used to test customFields ordering.

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Member Function Documentation

testResolveSortWhenThereAreTableAliases (  ) 


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testResolveGroupByAttributeColumnName (  ) 


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testResolveGroupByWhenThereAreTableAliases (  ) 


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