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ModelAttributeToDesignerTypeUtil Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static getDesignerType ($model, $attributeName)
static getAvailableDesignerTypes ()
static getAvailableCustomAttributeTypes ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModelAttributeToMixedTypeUtil
static getType ($model, $attributeName)
static getTypeByModelUsingValidator ($model, $attributeName)

Detailed Description

Helper functionality for finding the element or form type associated with a model's attribute.

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Member Function Documentation

static getDesignerType (   $model,

Returns the element or attribute form type that should be used with the named attribute of the given model, (the name minus the Element or AttributeForm suffix).

Definition at line 51 of file ModelAttributeToDesignerTypeUtil.php.

static getAvailableDesignerTypes ( )

Returns list of available designer types including attribute types available for creating custom fields and designer types for standard collection attributes that are not necessarily available types for custom fields.

Definition at line 67 of file ModelAttributeToDesignerTypeUtil.php.

static getAvailableCustomAttributeTypes ( )

Returns list of available attribute types for creating new custom fields

Definition at line 95 of file ModelAttributeToDesignerTypeUtil.php.

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