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ModalListLinkActionElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ModalListLinkActionElement:
DropdownSupportedAjaxLinkActionElement DropdownSupportedLinkActionElement LinkActionElement SupportsRenderingDropDownInterface ActionElement AccountOrgChartLinkActionElement AuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement GameDashboardLinkActionElement SendTestEmailLinkActionElement UsersModalListLinkActionElement TaskAuditEventsModalListLinkActionElement

Public Member Functions

 getElementValue ()
 getActionType ()
 render ()
 renderMenuItem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ActionElement
 render ()
 getActionType ()
 __construct ($controllerId, $moduleId, $modelId, $params=array())
 renderMenuItem ()
 isFormRequiredToUse ()

Static Public Member Functions

static shouldRenderAsDropDownWhenRequired ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ActionElement
static getType ()

Protected Member Functions

 getAjaxLinkOptions ()
 getDefaultRoute ()
 getAjaxLinkTitle ()
 getRouteAction ()
 getModalContainerId ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ActionElement
 getDefaultLabel ()
 getDefaultRoute ()
 getLabel ()
 getHtmlOptions ()
 getAjaxOptions ()
 getRouteParameters ()
 getRedirectUrl ()
 wrapLabel ()
 getRoute ()
 resolveLabelAndWrap ()
 resolveUniqueIdInHtmlOptions ($htmlOptions)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ActionElement
 $formRequiredToUse = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file ModalListLinkActionElement.php.

Member Function Documentation

static shouldRenderAsDropDownWhenRequired ( )

Sometimes even though the element supports rendering as a dropDown, it doesn't mean it should. An example is the leaderboard. This should continue to render as normal links.


Implements SupportsRenderingDropDownInterface.

Definition at line 39 of file ModalListLinkActionElement.php.

getModalContainerId ( )

Get the modal container id


Definition at line 94 of file ModalListLinkActionElement.php.

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