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MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules:
MixedDateTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules SearchFormAttributeMappingRules

Static Public Member Functions

static resolveAttributesAndRelations ($attributeName, &$attributeAndRelations, $value)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MixedDateTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules
static resolveValueDataIntoUsableValue ($value)
static resolveValueDataForBetweenIntoUsableFirstDateValue ($value)
static resolveValueDataForBetweenIntoUsableSecondDateValue ($value)
static getValidValueTypes ()
static getValueTypesAndLabels ()
static getTimeBasedValueTypesAndLabels ()
static getTimeOnlyValueTypesAndLabels ()
static getValueTypesRequiringFirstDateInput ()
static getValueTypesRequiringSecondDateInput ()
static getValueTypesWhereValueIsRequired ()
static getValueTypesWhereSecondValueIsRequired ()
static resolveAttributesAndRelations ($attributeName, &$attributeAndRelations, $value)
static calculateNewDateByDaysFromNow ($daysFromNow)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SearchFormAttributeMappingRules
static resolveValueDataIntoUsableValue ($value)
static resolveAttributesAndRelations ($attributeName, &$attributeAndRelations, $value)
static getIgnoredSavableMetadataRules ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from MixedDateTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules
const TYPE_YESTERDAY = 'Yesterday'
const TYPE_TODAY = 'Today'
const TYPE_TOMORROW = 'Tomorrow'
const TYPE_BEFORE = 'Before'
const TYPE_AFTER = 'After'
const TYPE_ON = 'On'
const TYPE_BETWEEN = 'Between'
const TYPE_NEXT_7_DAYS = 'Next 7 Days'
const TYPE_LAST_7_DAYS = 'Last 7 Days'
const TYPE_LAST_30_DAYS = 'Last 30 Days'
const TYPE_THIS_MONTH = 'This Month'
const TYPE_LAST_MONTH = 'Last Month'
const TYPE_NEXT_MONTH = 'Next Month'
const TYPE_BEFORE_TODAY = 'Before Today'
const TYPE_IS_TIME_FOR = 'Is Time For'
const TYPE_IS_EMPTY = 'Is Empty'
const TYPE_IS_NOT_EMPTY = 'Is Not Empty'
const TYPE_WAS_ON = 'Was On'
const TYPE_BECOMES_ON = 'Becomes On'
const TYPE_CHANGES = 'Changes'
const TYPE_DOES_NOT_CHANGE = 'Does Not Change'

Detailed Description

Rule used in search form to define how the different datetimes types are proceesed.

Definition at line 40 of file MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules.php.

Member Function Documentation

static resolveAttributesAndRelations (   $attributeName,

The value['type'] determines how the attributeAndRelations is structured.


Definition at line 48 of file MixedDateTimeTypesSearchFormAttributeMappingRules.php.

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